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    Let’s Get Twittering!!

    St. Paul’s welcomes you to follow us on Twitter!!! Receive important news, Bible verses, lift uplifting quotes, and more. Twitter is so easy to set up and to get started.

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    Are you hearing the call? Kitchen Leader Needed!

    St. Paul’s Parish Life is in need of a volunteers for Kitchen Leader beginning Sunday, July 27th.  Please consider this ministry.  If you are able to help, please sign-up here:

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    Welcome to our new website!

    On behalf of St. Paul’s On the Hill; we welcome you to our parish’s new website.   With this new website format, we will be able to post much more content

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Potluck + Campfire + Marshmallows = FUN!

Family Fun Night PotluckAugust 22nd, 2014
Time to eat!!!