Update about St. Paul’s on-the-Hill Episcopal Church.

In 2016, our congregation decided to embark upon a much-needed affordable housing mission project for seniors in Frederick County, Va. Our desire was to put our extra land to use to benefit the wider community. Ultimately, this decision led to sacrificing our church home and our land so that others could live in safe and affordable housing.

In March 2020, we left our church home for good. For almost three years, we were Episcopalians on-the-Loose, embarking on an adventure together. We gathered as a community of faith in many places: on Zoom, on our land, in a hotel, in the park, in a memorial garden, in coffee shops, on the Loudoun St. Mall, on the MSV trails, and in the sanctuary of Beth El Congregation.

And God was with us everywhere we gathered.

In October 2022, we voted to disband as a congregation, leaving our legacy of affordable housing, Senseny Place, that will house hundreds over the years to come. Mission Accomplished!

Our final in-person service at Beth El Congregation on Fairmont Avenue in Winchester was held on November 6, 2022. We remain deeply grateful for their warm and generous hospitality, which allowed us to have a final year together.

May God be with you until we meet again.