Rebirth. Being the Gospel.  A New Day.

St. Paul’s On-The-Hill is a loving, inclusive, and most importantly Christ-centered congregation. 

Our vestry along with our congregation have been called by the Holy Spirit to do more as the hands and feet of Christ in the broader community.  We have been discerning for a period of seven years to decide on how we as a church could accomplish this.

We have decided to give up our land and church building so that apartments could be built for low-income senior housing.  We know in our hearts this is the right decision.  We have continued in worship as a congregation through Zoom due to Covid-19 virus.  Once the virus has been contained and we will be able to worship in person together again, we will do so in a new home in this area. Our other missions and small groups continue through this hard time.  Our mission, our goals, our dedication to the works of Jesus prevail above everything else