Breaking New Ground

photo by Josh Janney/The Winchester Star

It’s been a painful experience for the congregation to see our building become a shell and finally, bulldozed. Yet, even though our building is no more, we are still a vibrant, worshipping community using temporary space and online worship.

And we are so pleased to leave an enduring legacy in this community, Senseny Place, a powerful symbol to attest to our love of God and neighbor.  No matter what we are still to do in Jesus’ name, we have done this.  Sacrificed our building and our land so that others might live.

We are grateful to God, to the Diocese of Virginia, the Board of Supervisors, Virginia Diocesan Homes, Habitat for Humanity, and to our many church members who prayed and prayed and prayed during this seven-year mission project. 

We are especially thankful to members Bob Lovan, Joan Inger, Lee McLeod, Mike Hummer, Cindy Culbert, Steve Culbert, Roger Inger, Mike Krueger, Cindy Schendel, the late Michael Kilgore, and seven vestries for their dedicated work on this project over the years. 

We are very confident that the Wesley Housing team will create a warm, welcoming, well-managed, resident-centered community. We look forward to assisting Senseny Place in whatever capacity St. Paul’s people might be able to serve, including re-opening our food pantry.

This is a new day for the Hill, and this place will always remain holy ground for us.