Children & Youth



A team is forming to jump start the Youth Group.  Contact Barbie Hummer or Susan MacDonald if you’re interested in helping with this important ministry.


Children’s Sunday School

This year we will be using “Weaving God’s Promises” an exciting and versatile curriculum, beginning with Genesis and continuing through the Bible. This year we will welcome the children to the Sunday school room, upstairs, at 10:00 am, providing several extra minutes of instruction time. This is a change from the way we have had the children enter the program and the extra time in the classroom will be much appreciated. The teachers will bring the children to the service at the exchanging of the Peace as before. At that time we will have the Blessing of the Children each Sunday.

We have several excellent teachers signed up to participate in this ministry, but we would love additional parishioners to join the team. We need the lead teacher as well as “helpers”. If we have more folks join the team then the rotation for teaching will be further apart. Please call me if you feel called to support this ministry.


Barbie Hummer

Vestry Liaison for Children and Youth



Hannah Wilkes,  Children’s Sunday School Teacher


Moses at the Israelites at the Red Sea

When Moses opened the Red Sea so the Israelites could make their way across the sea, the people and animals walked through on the ocean floor with the sea on both sides of them.  In this Sunday School lesson led by Linda Binder, the children created a diorama showing Moses on the Rock guiding his people.  Linda read the story to the kids while they were coloring the people and animals and fastening them down, including fish on the sides!

Youth Group

Our Youth Group meets for planned activites, some being beneficial to our community, some just for fun.  All of our time together adds to the growth and enrichment of our young people.

                                           A Big Welcome!


                                   All lit up and ready to go…



A job well done!



Preparing the treats for Fellowship Time


Thanks Everyone for a Great Youth Sunday!






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